Morrow County Health District was happy to join in on the 18th Annual Morrow County Children’s Fair held last week at The Port of Morrow in Boardman. The event featured various booths discussing child welfare, health, education and more. Morrow County Health District’s booth focused on Sun Safety. With summer right around the corner Vicki Kent ARNP and Angela Jones Marketing Coordinator talked about the importance of staying hydrated and wearing sun screen. The turnout was great and they were able to hand out over 100 packets of sunscreen and fun coloring pages with sun safe facts to families that visited. Irrigon Medical Clinic’s trusty skeleton “Skelly” was also there to help and the kids loved him.

The Boardman Ambulance along with Paramedic Del Turner and EMS Volunteer Deena Gallaway were also on hand outside showing off the ambulance and handing out sunscreen and magnets to families! It was great opportunity for kids to get to see the ambulance and learn a little about it from the amazing staff.

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