The List that Could Save Your Life!

How you can help first responders help you.

Imagine you’re home alone, and you experience a medical emergency and dial 911. When first responders arrive, you’re unable to answer their questions critical to help save your life. What if you’re visiting the home of a friend or loved one, and they suffer a stroke or heart event? Would you know where to look for the details that could help ensure need-to-know information is transferred to the hands of those there to help? No matter your age or state of health, a medical emergency could, and often does, strike without warning. Every second matters and detail such as the medications you are taking, health history, blood type, and information about such things as a device implant like a pacemaker are all essential pieces of information for first responders to have and relay to those who await you in the emergency room. On behalf of all first responders at MCHD, we encourage everyone in our district to consider completing an Emergency Medical Profile and keeping one up to date and located in their home and vehicle. Make it known to those who live, love, and care for you and accessible to those who respond to medical emergencies. May you never need it, but if you do, may you have the list that could very well save your life.

Download your copy here: MCHD_EmergencyMedicalProfile_Final

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