As part of the state-wide #StayHomeSaveLives initiative, we put together a series of Healthy @Home exercises to help you and your loved ones stay healthy, and de-stress during this challenging time. Try one of these 4 wellness activities this week.

1. De-stress with our coloring book pages:  Healthy @Home Coloring Book

2. Practice #DeepBreathing by following along with our instruction  video:

3. Another way to relax is to practice C.A.L.M. (Chest, Arms, Legs, Mouth). Follow along with our video exercise:

4. Start a gratitude journal. We can often forget to recognize the wonderful things we have in our lives. Now is a great to reflect on what we are grateful for. Take 5-10 minutes each day and start a journal entry with, “today, I am grateful for…”











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