This month marks the 30th anniversary of the reopening of the medical clinic in Heppner now known as Pioneer Memorial Clinic, and a celebration to commemorate the event will be held at the clinic later this month, announced a District spokesperson 

On July 6, 1988, the medical clinic in Heppner was re-opened after being closed for approximately a year and a half while a search was carried out to locate new physicians.  The Heppner community gave a collective sigh of relief when Drs. Ed and Jeanne Berretta opened their practice on that day in July, and finally the town had full time physicians again.  Long-time clinic nurse, Trish Maben, RN, recalls that before the Berrettas arrived much work had to be done to prepare the clinic, stating it was a, “start from scratch project to furnish it, as there wasn’t anything left in it.”

Many residents of south Morrow, Gilliam and Wheeler counties have received care at the clinic over the years, and it has seen many changes in staff, structure and equipment.  The clinic is now part of Morrow County Health District and is staffed with two full time physicians, Russ Nichols M.D. and Dan Hambleton M.D., along with Physician Assistant Amanda Fabian and Family Nurse Practitioner Betty Hamill, two managers, medical assistants and support staff.

An anniversary celebration will be held at the clinic, at 130 Thompson Ave., Heppner, on Wednesday, July 25th, from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m.

“I sincerely hope the people of the community and county come to help celebrate the 30th year of Pioneer Memorial Clinic Heppner. This mile stone is one that has not been easily reached over the years. It has been filled with adversity, financial hardships and difficulties in recruitment efforts. The dedicated efforts of staff, providers and by the board of directors laying plans to keep PMC and MCHD a viable, growing entity in the future will ensure our success. Let us remember the past struggles, be happy at where we are at now, but look forward to the future with bright optimism on what we are about to achieve.” – Bob Houser CEO

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