Hospice Memorial Butterfly Release Fundraiser

It’s never easy to lose someone that you love, and it is important to celebrate the life that your loved one lived. Native American lore says that you can tell a wish to a butterfly, and because they make no sound, your wish is secure.  When you release the butterfly, it will fly a wish to your loved ones.  Pioneer Memorial Hospice, in partnership with Community Counseling Solutions, wants you to send your message to the heavens with the Memorial Butterfly Release Fundraiser.

Reflections & Butterfly Release with Molly Rhea, Hospice Director, and Carmelo DiSalvo, Bereavement Coordinator

Read along with local educator, Ms. Cherry Webber, as she presents, Here in the Garden by Briony Stewart!

Read a reflection on grief by Carmelo DiSalvo, Bereavement Coordinator for Hospice.

Butterfly Release Reflections on Grief (PDF Version)

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