Dr. Samuel Milstein

Heppner –June 8, 2021 –Victor VanderDoes, Interim CEO of Morrow County Health District (MCHD), announced today that Dr. Dan Hambleton, who joined the MCHD’s medical staff in 2014, has resigned from the District. In his resignation, Dr. Hambleton noted that he appreciated being apart of the District’s team of providers and that it’s been an honor to serve the healthcare needs of Morrow County residents. Dr. Hambleton decided to leave the District to move closer to his grandchildren and family in Idaho, where his daughter, KrissySorenson, currently a nurse at Pioneer Memorial Hospital, will soon move to pursue a new career opportunity as a nurse educator in early July.

“With the departure of Dr. Hambleton, as well as Dr. Nichols last month, I want to assure the patients and communities we serve that we are committed to ensuring our emergency department at Pioneer Memorial Hospital and all clinics are staffed with quality providers during the interim and as our search for new providers continues.”

Currently, the medical staff at Pioneer Memorial Hospital are Dr. Betsy Anderson, Dr. Michael Metzler, Dr. Kenneth Lindsey, Dr. Nancy Hutnak, Dr. Jeffrey Westin, and Dr. William Everts. In addition to these physicians, VanderDoes shared that Dr. Samuel Milstein will begin seeing clinic patients in Heppner beginning Wednesday, June 9, 2021. The team at Pioneer Memorial Clinic also includes Dr. Betsy Anderson, Danielle Mateleska PA-C, Taylor Muenchow PA-C, and LCSW Antoinette Teixeira. In the Irrigon Medical Clinic, Jon Watson PA-C, Amanda Fabian PA-C, Katie Mencos PA-C, and Jamie Reed CSW-A are heading up the primary care team. Eileen McElligott, FNP, provides care at the Ione Community Clinic. In addition to the providers mentioned above, MCHD is actively recruiting new medical staff members, with more news expected about additions to the team in the coming days and weeks.

“Our sincere message to those who entrust MCHD with their care is simply this, you can feel confident knowing that your well-being, good health, safety, and comfort are our priority,” said VanderDoes. Information about new medical staff members will be shared on the HealthyMC.org website in the coming days, and MCHD will continue to share updates as they become available.

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